Acroyoga Teacher Training 2019 – english

Acrofusion TT is an Acroyoga teacher training born from the experience of Acroseeds & Acrobatic Yoga. It’s based on the fusion of many discipines (Vinyasa Yoga, Acrobatic, Movement, Floorwork, Handstand, Thai massage and other restorative practice) to explore better all Acroyoga aspects. The focus is how to teach and build strength (AcroJedi) and fluidity (Acroflow). Space for personal practice is also available to improve personal, technical and professional skills : calibrations, whips, pops , H2H e Standing Acro.

4 – 15 Luglio a Marina di Oliveri (ME), Sicily

What you will learn:

  • how to teach acroyoga to multilevel classes in a clear, safe and fun way and how to customize the practice
  • how to promote AT, organize workshops and regular courses
  • how to train in a sustainable, smart and fun way


  • Elements of vinyasa yoga aimed at personal practice
  • Elements of acrobatics
  • Elements of floorwork and movement
  • Acroyoga: foundations
  • Inversions
  • AcroJedi
  • Acroflow
  • teaching methods and teaching methodology
  • Didactics: progression, communication, creativity
  • Thai massage / restorative practice
  • Elements of anatomy applied to acroyoga
  • Exercises for the sustainability of the practice
  • Marketing elements


Acroyoga teacher qualification awarded by Acrofusion


Valeria Maggiali, Francesco Semino, Francesca Isabella Famà and Luigi Mercurio (see bio). The team will also be composed of international assistants, depending on the number of participants.

How to register and application form


Check your eligibility: pre-requisites!

Participating in a Teacher Training represents an opportunity to deepen in the personal practice and provides the necessary tools to teach Acroyoga in a clear and safe way.

  • It is therefore appreciated to have participated in an Elemental / Solar immersion or Intensive workshop with Acrofusion team
  • Teaching experience is also appreciated in other disciplines, preferably physical.

Here is the list of pre-requisites needed to take part in the course. They are intended as a base or flyer (better both, especially if you do not have the opportunity to teach with an exclusive partner) at the time of enrollment and will be the starting point on which building together the practice of teaching. link to the video

Without the help of a spotter (base or fly or both):

  • 30 sec. Tripod Headstand (on the ground)
  • Cartwheel / Tic toc
  • Ninja bat
  • Shoulders stand
  • Reverse Star
  • Star
  • Free Star
  • 30 sec. Foot to hand

-with spotter:

  • 30 sec. Handstand (possibly jump in)
  • 3 sec. H2H

-as spotting exercise:

  • transition back bird straddle bat

Watch the pre req video and following the instructions send us your video (as a base and / or flyer) of:

  1. your personal transition including at least 4 poses in sequence (example 1 and 2
  2. spotting from back bird to straddle bat
  3. you’ll receive our email about your eligibility to the AY tt and details for participation…so…LIGHT THE CAMERA & TRAIN ON MODE!!!

How to register and application form