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Teacher Training 2021 – ENG

AcroFusion TT by @Sicily Acro & @Acroseeds

A new project to spread acroyoga round the world!

@SicilyAcro & @AcroSeeds have decided to join their strengths and competencies to create an unforgettable teacher training: Acro Fusion TT!

The training is based on the fusion of many disciplines (Vinyasa Yoga, Acrobatic, Movement, Floorwork, Handstand, Thai massage, and other restorative practice) to explore better all Acroyoga aspects. The focus is on how to teach and build strength (AcroJedi) and fluidity (Acro Flow). Space for personal practice is also available to improve personal, technical, and professional skills: a lot of calibrations, progressions, whips, pops, H2H and Standing Acro.


7-17 January


Near paris

What you will learn:

How to teach acroyoga to multilevel classes in a clear, safe and fun way and how to customize the practice

How to train in a sustainable, smart, and fun way

Specific contents:

  • Elements of vinyasa yoga aimed at personal practice
  • Elements of acrobatics
  • Elements of floorwork and movement
  • Acroyoga: foundations, inversions, acroJedi, acro flow, whips, icarian’s
  • Teaching methods and teaching methodology
  • Didactics: progression, communication, creativity
  • Thai massage/restorative practice
  • Elements of anatomy applied to acroyoga
  • Exercises for the sustainability of the practice
  • Marketing elements

Schedule (we might do some changes):

7:30 – 8:45 Vinyasa Yoga / Flow work / Pre hub
9:00 – 10.00 breakfast
10.00 – 13.00 Foundation – Jedi Training – handstand
13.00 – 15.00 Lunch break
15.00 – 18.30 Acro Flow / teaching groups / workshops

Certification: with a national diploma recognized by ENDAS and Coni* as acrobatic gymnastics instructors with AcroYoga specialties.

Awarded by AcrofusionTeachers: Valeria Maggiali, Francesco Semino, Francesca Isabella Famà and Luigi Mercurio.

The team will also be composed of international assistants, depending on the number of participants.


During the teacher training is included a professional photo shooting: bring your favorite clothes!

Portrait picture and some acro action shoot

Pre requirment:

How to register and application form:

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