Teacher training 2019

Alla conclusione del Teacher Training Acrofusion 2019, ha avuto luogo una giornata aperta al pubblico in cui le classi di acroyoga sono state tenute dai nuovi Insegnanti Acrofusion!

Questa giornata è stata la prima opportunità per applicare gli strumenti appresi nelle settimane di formazione sia in merito alla strutturazione e conduzione di una classe, sia in relazione al co-teaching come esperienza di collaborazione tra insegnanti.

Una bella occasione per mettersi in gioco da subito!  

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————–English version————–

At the end of the Teacher training Acrofusion 2019, there had been an acro-yoga open day in which the acro yoga classes were held by the new Acrofusion Teachers!

This day was the first opportunity to apply the tools learned in the training weeks both regarding the structuring and conducting of a class and in relation to co-teaching as an experience of collaboration between teachers.

A nice opportunity to get involved immediately!

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New year new trick acroyoga retreat!

Il ritiro di capodanno 2020

Acrobatic Yoga + AcroSeeds = Acrofusion
✈ Dopo il successo dell’anno scorso new year new trick si ripete!


E come l’anno scorso il ritiro sarà a metà tra un ritiro e un festival! Ci sarà tanta acro, yoga al mattino, ma tra le novità ci saranno anche lezioni più legate al movimento corporeo e alcune lezioni di discipline circensi per migliorare e integrare la pratica di acro.

Big News:

Special day:

Un giorno pieno in più! Il 27 dicembre sarà una giornata piena con 2 insegnanti molto apprezzati l’anno scorso: Aurora e Manu della Piccola scuola di circo di Milano. A breve dettagli sulla giornata!


💥Jedi training: un nuovo allenamento che ti aiuterà a sviluppare Intenzione positiva – centratura – potenziamento e tecnica.
💥Acro Flow: ascolto, sincronia, movimento fluido, armonia.

Che aspetti allora prenota il tuo posto prima che sia troppo tardi early bird disponibile!!!!

Tutte le classi saranno multilivello. In caso ci saranno tante persone che iniziano da poco, ci saranno degli insegnanti dedicati a loro.

Orario indicativo di una giornata:
7:30 – 8:30 yoga🕉
10-13 acro/verticali/standing/movement🤸‍♀🤸‍♂
15-17 acro flow/ trio/pop/whip
17-18 circus/slackline/juggling/silks (tessuti)
20:30 Thai massage/jam/mantras

🛌Possibilità di dormire all’interno della struttura riscaldata portandosi il proprio materassino 5€ per notte

Prezzo con early bird entro il 15 Novembre:

260€ Special day + retreat (da dic 27 11am a 1 gen alle 2pm)
230€ retreat intero (da dic 27 alle 6pm a Jan 1 alle 2pm)
175€ 3 giorni

120€ 2 days

60€ 1 giorno (anche solo lo special day)

contiamo le giornate dalle  2pm alle 2pm. Eccezione per lo special day 27 dic (11-14 + 15:30-18:30)

Prezzo dopo il 15 Novembre:

299€ Special day + retreat (da dic 27 11am a 1 gen alle 2pm)
270€ retreat intero (da dic 27 alle 6pm a Jan 1 alle 2pm)
225€ 3 giorni

150€ 2 days

80€ 1 giorno (anche solo lo special day)

Politica rimborsi

Il deposito è rimborsabilie fino al 15 novembre 2020
dal 15 nov al  15 dicembre tratteniamo 50€ come costi di segreteria

dal 15 dicembre non sono più possibili rimborsi del deposito

🥑 Cibo 18€ al giorno: 3 vpasti vegetariani + cenone per capodanno.

🛌 Puoi dormire nello spazio per  5€ a notte

Per completare l’iscrizione è necessario compilare il form (in fondo a questa pagina) e pagare il deposito! (link nel form o su acroyoga.it

English version:

After the big success of the last year, new year new trick is again up!

The retreat will be half way between a retreat and a festival! You will get a lot of acro, morning yoga and mantras, movement class, slackline, juggling, silks and more!

All the acro class are going to be multilevel. In case we have many beginner we have a teacher dedicated to them 🙂

Big News:

Special day:

One more full day! December 27 is going to be a full day with two very appreciated teachers from the last edition: Aurora & Manu from Piccola scuola di circo di Milano. More news coming soon

Daily schedule
7:30 – 8:30 yoga🕉
10-13 acro/handstand/standing/movement🤸‍♀🤸‍♂
lunch break
15-17 acro flow/ trio/pop/whip
17-18 circus/slackline/juggling/silks
20:30 Thai massage/jam/mantras

early bird price before the 15th of November:
260€ Special day + retreat (from dec 27 11am to Jan 1 at 2pm)
230€ Full retreat (from dec 27 at 6pm to Jan 1 at 2pm) 4 days and half, dec 27 is free of charge
175€ 3 days

120€ 2 days

60€ 1 day (also only the special day)

we count the days from 2pm to 2pm. Exception for special day (11-14 + 15:30-18:30)

After the 15th of November:

299€ Special day + retreat (from dec 27 11am to Jan 1 at 2pm)
270€ Full retreat (from dec 27 at 6pm to Jan 1 at 2pm) 4 days and half, dec 27 is free of charge
225€ 3 days

150€ 2 days

80€ 1 day (also only the special day)

🥑 Food 18€ per day: 3 vegetarian meals per day + special dinner for new years eve.

🛌 you can sleep in the space with your ow equipment 5€ per night

refund policy:

Deposit is refundable until November 15
from nov 15 to dec 15 we keep 50€ as secretary work
from dec 15 no more refund of the deposit are possible

To complete the registration fill up the form and send the deposit:) link in the form or here

See you soon!!!

Want to know something about the teachers?!

Luigi and Francesca (@sicilyacro)

Driven by their passion for practicing and sharing, Francesca and Luigi are a couple of instructors who come from the sunny Sicily, an island in the south part of Italy. They met 9 years ago and fell in love also thanks to acro-yoga. Luigi is a Thai and Chinese massage (tuinà) therapist and thanks to his passion for ancient arts he also became a taiji Chuan teacher with more than 10 years of experience and a Meditation teacher. 
Francesca comes from the dance world and she is a psychologist who loves the special way acroyoga make people connect and support each other with an open mind attitude, work on personal strengh and bounderins, experiment the “beeing in the present moment”. They are “Partner Acrobatic” and “Acro Love” certfied teachers.

In their practice, they love to create fluid and elegant flows but also enjoy the energy of speed and tempo through whips, whip-pops, and Icarian games. They focus their training and teaching on small details and love to break down complicated moves with ease creating progressions to make sure success even more complex tricks. They believe that practicing acro yoga is a lucky opportunity to grow as human beings, to best express every one own potential and to contribute creating a community of people focused on sharing, supporting and enjoy life. In their way of teaching, there is always a bit of irony between them to remind that smiling is the spice of life. 

They often perform, teach regular classes, organize workshops and retreats all over the world. They are co-founders of the “AcroFusion Teacher Training”, an acro yoga program to become a teacher. The event they like most is the “Sicily Acro Convention”, a cool acrobatic convention they organize in the summer, bringing together many national and international teachers and participants in a marvellous Natural Reserve!

They strongly believe that creating a joyfull atmosfere during the classes help people to bring out their inner sun (the warm, playful, entusiastic part of them) and to be part of a healthy community  where a beautiful laugh never fails!

Francesco and Valeria (@acroseeds)

Francesco and Valeria Semino, aka Acroseeds, have been practicing together for almost 10 years. They have trained with the main international schools of Acroyoga and have been teaching since 2012. Both are certified as Acroyoga International Immersion teachers  and Acroyoga Montreal teachers level 2. They transmit with passion the teachings received from their coaches: Jason Nemer, Jill Campbell, Heidi Blais , Eugene Poku, Jessica Goldberg, Nico Douwes, the Weis family, Mimi, Jason and Chelsey Magness and many others. Francesco is the acrobatic and circus soul, he began his career with Paolo dei Giudici in Milan, he is a certified Solar Immersion AYI and Partner Acrobatics Teacher. Handstands and hand to hand, movement and games are his specialties. Valeria, since the discovery of body wisdom, has dedicated herself to the various branches of Yoga, meditation, training and Acroyoga practice, mainly from the flyer’s point of view. She loves to combine control, tightness and stability with smoothness and lightness. Together with their two children, Giacomo and Elia, they travel and share their practice, a lifestyle, a van and many dreams that they try to achieve … in an attempt to live easily the teachings of metta, karuna, mudita and upekkha.